Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The progression of a bear head to bear skull. Warning: graphic (but cool) pictures below the fold.


Mostly defleshed, I left some meat on it to keep the beetles with more food.


They've cleaned off a lot of the meat already, and have done a lot of work on the extra layers of tissue covering the skull.


No real noticeable progress since Monday, sadly. :-(

Until next time!


  1. So. Damn. Awesome. (but kinda gross.)
    Thank you for posting.

  2. WOW theyre fast. Ive heard of people with really large colonies doing 6-8 deer skulls a day, but I didn't believe it.... actually given your speed it seems possible.

  3. Yeah, my colony is surprisingly large and working pretty fast for one that started only over a month ago. I'm so impressed by their speed and progress, lol. :-)

  4. WOw quite the colony. i wish Attengenus unicolor would breed faster like Maculata does. It takes 45 days from egg to adult for maculata and over 75-100 days for Unicolor[Which is carpet beetles] I also keep Larder beetles which are closely related to Maculata or hide beetles.